About us

Richard and Suzanne Kemble-Gordon have been pastoring Gateway Christian Fellowship in Dover since September 1996. The foundation of their ministry is a pure heart and holiness of life, with a total obedience to the Word of God, and a deeper walk with Jesus Christ. This is where every Child of God is called to put to death the desires of carnal nature (no longer being controlled by our thoughts, feelings, emotions and what we see or hear) and to walk in the Spirit.

Those who attend the fellowship receive practical biblical teaching to strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ, and learn to become totally dependent upon Him through the Word (Bible) and person of the Holy Spirit. This will bring forth a changed life that can go out into the world to change others as they share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Richard Kemble-Gordon became a Christian in 1966 at the age of 22 and worked for many years in the Civil Service as an Employment Service Manager.  In August 1996 he married Suzanne and they were invited to take over the Pastorship at Gateway Christian Fellowship.  Since Richard’s conversion he has worked with the youth, been involved in street evangelism and has ministered in the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe.  Richard has a heart for lost souls and his desire is to see the Body of Christ moving in the power of the Holy Spirit where lives will be impacted inside and outside the church.

Suzanne Kemble-Gordon became a Christian in 1991 at the age of 20 having attended a Pentecostal church where she heard the gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time.  Within two weeks she had given her life to Jesus Christ after reading a tract called ‘Bridge to Life’ and she had a supernatural encounter with the Lord.  From that moment she was involved in children’s work, youth work and ministering to women. Suzanne married Richard in August 1996 and a month later God called them to work for Him as a team when they took over Gateway Christian Fellowship. Suzanne has worked alongside her husband both in the United Kingdom, Europe, Kenya and South Africa ministering the gospel and praying for the sick.  Suzanne currently leads the worship, the prayer meeting and is overall in charge of the children’s work.